CCP was established as a community-building organization whose mission is to engage and empower families by helping children and families produce change in their school and community.


CCP realizes there is a widening academic achievement gap within public education which affects many under-served Latino families and students. Our intent is to promote social justice and help improve academic success for elementary aged Latino children and families.

CCP utilizes a two-pronged approach:

1. Working with parents to utilize their knowledge and expertise to increase their understanding of the school’s community systems, resources, and parental rights.

2. Mentoring children to create an atmosphere and attitude that fosters creativity, enthusiasm for learning, and critical thinking while practicing English skills.

At CCP, innovation means having the creativity to approach social challenges from fresh perspectives, the will to design and rigorously test new program strategies, the discipline to focus on high-quality implementation as these strategies are developed, and the candor to report and act on our findings.

While incubating new models through small-scale pilots within the Washington Elementary School environment, CCP is committed to advancing knowledge about what works to improve the lives of elementary children and families in under-served communities.