We’re a group of advocates who are passionate about fostering community involvement and share a commitment to education.


Board Members


Stacy Muccino, Board President

Stacy is a strong supporter of social justice and education. She loved working as a counseling intern in Bay Area elementary and middle schools. She holds a Bachelor’s degree from Texas Tech University and a Master’s from John F. Kennedy University.


Felice Lopiccolo, Vice President

Felice currently serves on the non-profit Executive Board of Directors for Sunday Friends and National Charity League where she works directly on social and educational programs supporting under-served families. Previously, she was the VP of Engineering Programs for ComGlobal Systems. She holds a Master’s from San Jose State University.


Rochelle Hall, Secretary and Treasurer

Rochelle is a community advocate and licensed marriage and family therapist with 6 years’ experience as a counselor for individuals and families and as a student advocate for students, teachers and families in elementary and middle school settings. She helped launch the Collaborative Community program as a consultant, advocate, and co-facilitator for parents and children in the San Jose Unified School District.


Alicia Meehan

Alicia believes in the betterment of children’s quality of life and overall well-being. Her emphasis in health, exercise, and nutrition were utilized as the Director of Behavioral Services and Clinical Behavior Health Educator at Good Samaritan Hospital in San Jose, CA. Alicia holds a BS and MA from Northeastern University, Boston, MA.


Board Advisors


Elizabeth Basile

Elizabeth has served in underserved communities in Santa Clara and Monterey counties for 11 years as an advocate and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. Her work has afforded her the opportunity to form close relationships with students in elementary, middle, and high schools and their families. This alliance has included helping families seek out community resources.


Peggy Forman

Peggy is a credentialed K-Adult Art Teacher with many years of experience in all of these age categories. She has been an art instructor in Ohio, Hawaii and California. Peggy is also a practicing artist whose work is primarily drawing on both paper and clay. As part of this practice, she draws with a group of Master Artists on a weekly basis. Peggy loves learning and believes that everyone, including children, can teach us as much as we can teach them if we listen and respect each others’ ideas.


Margie Kensit

Margie has held a wide spectrum of teaching positions, from middle school teacher, Title 1 Resource teacher, Coordinator of Curriculum & Instruction, to Coordinator of Education Technology. She was awarded the El Dia del Maestro: Teacher of the Year Award in 1996. Margie has a B.A., Teaching Credential, and MA in Educational Leadership from San Jose State University.