“Summer Camp” for CCP ranged from creative writing projects to fort-building and “Art With Words.” Mentors worked with 2nd-5th graders to build their own forts with sheets and flashlights and then write about their “Dream Fort” experience. Meanwhile, younger kids wrote “Tragic Love Tale” stories (with their mentors’ help). Artist Peggy Forman facilitated an “Art With Words” project in which kids got to incorporate drawings, collage, lettering and sculpture into their own original art work! While kids created then shared their work with the group, parents practiced stress-reduction “Mindfulness” techniques with MBSR instructor Andrea Castillo. We capped off a rich and busy summer with a celebratory Ice Cream Sundae Bar before taking our end-of-summer break. We look forward to returning on September 5- look for signs and postings of our next meeting!