CCP SPRING GRADS: CCP said farewell to 5th-graders who will graduate and move on to middle school in the fall. Each received a book to take with them on their journey. We celebrated the end of spring session with a display of “Dream Cities” presented by their 3rd-5th grade CCP creators. Each wrote a poem inspired by their cities and shared their work with parents and K-2 CCP kids. And then came dessert: A CCP Farewell Ice Cream Sundaes Banquet! IMG_1163







BOOK CLUB REFLECTIONS: Thanks so much to CCP moms for a beautiful book of reflections, collected following their book club meetings this spring. Club facilitator Margie Kensit (thank you, Margie!!!) led discussions of the book “En el tiempo de las mariposas (In The Time of the Butterflies).” As a final project, mothers shared their own reflections, gathered from the Proust Questionnaire (Google this ;-)) in the form of a lovely album, kindly gifted to CCP board members. Muchas Gracias, con profunda gratitud a todos ustedes

STAR WARS meets CCP: CCP will partner with Catholic Charities and Washington Community Center for a four-week summer program beginning June 19, using Star Wars as a theme for projects and activities. The camp is made possible with funds from a STEM grant, designed by the government to promote education in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Groups of Fourth and fifth grade students will meet four Thursdays over the summer to create art projects incorporating Star Wars and STEM themes as part of a larger kids’ program offered at the community center. Dates and times of CCP program are 12:30-2pm on June 19 & 26, and July 3 & 10.