PEN PALS, AND — IT’S A WRAP! – CCP students celebrated the end of our CCP school year by performing a puppet show and hosting a party for their parents. Kids wrote, produced, and created their own puppets and scenery for the show. Refreshments and visiting followed our celebration of all the kids’ accomplishments this year. Then, CCP kids traveled together to Blossom Hill Elementary School, where they met pen pals with whom they’ve exchanged letters with all year. Students from both schools got over their initial shyness quickly! CCP students enjoyed the artwork decorating their Blossom Hill peers’ classroom, then all had lunch together, followed by a game of Capture The Flag, and finishing by joining together in a Gratitude Circle. As we move toward 2017 CCP Summer Camp in July, Harry Potter Summer Camp, we share in the students’ appreciation of time we’ve all spent having fun with creative writing, literature and inspired projects!