OUTER SPACE & OTHER TRAVELS:  Kids in grades 3-5 took a trip to Hidden Villa this month, where they visited with sheep, pigs, and goats — before tasting edible flowers at this organic farm.  Back in San Jose again, students are dipping into their imaginations to create a universe with planets, moons and suns of their own design. K-2 kids have enjoyed making playdough and learning about sea creatures, which they’ll have a chance to build soon with materials from the CCP art drawers.  Meanwhile, moms recently exchanged useful ideas during a morning discussion they requested on “How To Talk With Kids Respectfully.”  To complement parents’ insights, CCP is hosting mindfulness meditation teacher Andrea Castillo, who will return to CCP to guide relaxation practices.
WHAT’S NEXT AT CCP? It’s almost time for the annual CCP Bike Party, scheduled for grades 3-5 on April 16 — stay tuned for more details, and make sure to turn in parent permission slips!  Plans are under way for a Ping Pong Fundraiser (that’s right — a ping pong fest!) this summer, following CCP Summer Camp for grades 3-5.  Camp is planned for July 25-28 (location will be announced soon).  Camp kids will get to work their creative writing muscles, as well as take walks to San Jose Museum of Art and one more surprise field trip destination.
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