Parent Meetings


CCP features speakers and discussions throughout the school calendar year, from August to May.

The purpose of these meeting opportunities is to share and discuss important issues and topics as decided by the community at large. When appropriate, CCP brings in community resources to address certain issues with the hope to encourage parents to attend community events. Parents are active participants in each meeting, typically breaking into small groups to address questions and report their findings to the group at large.

For the parent program, CCP strives to engage and empower the community by providing active group conversations and outside resources in order to develop meaningful solutions. Our intention is to provide mentoring to parents and give them a leadership role to ensure that these discussions are sustainable and foster increased parent involvement.

We also offer a parent book club each spring, culminating with a presentation of the group’s shared reflections of the story they read. Examples of culminating activities include writing to the book author, performing a play, and participating in a Proust Questionnaire.


Student Mentor Program


Twice a week, CCP provides a mentoring program for elementary-aged students from kindergarten through fifth grade.

Mentor sessions are held at two locations in downtown San Jose: Washington Elementary School and the Biblioteca Latinoamericana. CCP’s primary mission is to focus on the development of a trusting relationship between the student and his or her mentor.

Another key component is to have conversations in English and increase literacy and writing skills. All mentoring sessions are directed by the student to foster responsibility and agency for themselves.

Parental involvement in the mentoring program is mandatory for the students’ participation. Parent discussions focus on academic achievement and navigating the public school system.